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How to beach wave your hair with a flat iron

July 14th, 2014

beach wavesSummertime happiness! It’s time to embrace the heat of the sun and create fun beach memories! Turn on that Victoria’s Secret angel in you and flaunt your assets!

Spending a lot of time at the beach means wearing a swimsuit and sporting those beach hair waves. Having beach hair waves is not as hard as it looks; in fact it only takes 10 minutes! So what are you waiting for? Grab your FHI flat iron, volumizing mousse, heat protection spray, hairspray and bobby pins!

If you don’t have a flat iron, Prime Hair Tools reviews some of the best flat irons from FHI.

Before doing anything, apply hair volumizing mousse on your damp hair. Blow-dry your hair right after. Since you will be working with a flat iron, it is important to protect your hair. Too much heat exposure can cause damage to your hair. You don’t want that this summer!

It’s time to section your hair. Pre-heat the flat iron while doing this. First, divide your hair into three large sections: back, left and right. Sub-divide the large sections into smaller sections and clip them up separately using bobby pins. Remember, the smaller the sections the tighter the curls. Beach hair waves are often loose so it is better to create sections 1-2 inches wide.

Angel Hair

Option 1: Now that the flat iron is all heated up, take one of the smaller sections. It is best to start from the bottom and work your way to the front. Position the flat iron at about 2 inches from the roots. Run the flat iron through the section and gradually turn the flat iron clockwise until your wrist is facing outwards. Quickly twist the freshly curled section outwards to achieve a loose spiral curl. Always have your hair curled outwards, this gives dimension and draws attention to your face. It’s summer; your face should be as bright as the sun! Continue until all of the sections have been curled.

Gently run through your hair using your fingers to loosen the curls. Finish by spraying hairspray. Do not overdo it, spraying too much hairspray will cause an opposite effect plus you don’t want such stiff hair. Beach waves means soft and flowing and that’s what you want your hair to be! Soft, flowing and free!

Option 2: Now that the flat iron is all heated up, take one of the smaller sections. It is best to start from the bottom and work your way to the front. Position the flat iron at about 2 inches from the roots. Clamp the flat iron to your hair and wrap the lower part of the hair around the flat iron. Gently slide the flat iron while twisting your wrist until it is facing outwards. You should be at the ends of your hair by the time you wrist is facing outwards.
Continue until all of the sections have been curled. Gently run through your hair using your fingers to loosen the curls. Also, mess it a bit! Beach waves are meant to be messy! Finish by spraying hairspray. Go and feel that summer breeze!

Option 3: Now that the flat iron is all heated up, take one of the smaller sections. It is best to start from the bottom and work your way to the front. Wrap the section around two of your fingers. Slowly pull the hair away without displacing them. Clamp the flat iron briefly into the hair, just enough to warm them. Set with a bobby pin while letting them cool. Continue until all of the sections have been curled. One by one remove the bobby pins and let loose the curls. Gently run through the hair using your fingers to loosen the curls.  Finish by spraying a fair amount of hairspray all over your hair.

Prime hair flat irons

Innocent Summer

If you’re one of those shy lasses who prefer to skip the sexy Victoria’s Secret beach waves, don’t fret because you still have a chance for summer happiness!  Have your flat iron, volumizing mousse, heat protection spray, hairspray and bobby pins ready!

Apply hair volumizing mousse on your damp hair and blow-dry your hair. Next, spray heat protection all over your hair.  It is very important to protect your hair against the heat, not only will you deal with flat iron but as well as the heat of the sun. Overexposure to heat will damage your hair and cause fading of hair colors. Please know that damaged hair is different from having Ombre hair!

Okay, let’s stay positive. It’s time to section your hair. Pre-heat the flat iron while doing this. First, divide your hair into three large sections: back, left and right. Sub-divide the large sections into smaller sections and clip them up using bobby pins separately.

Take one of the smaller sections and twist them. Pick up your flat iron and position it at about 2 inches from your roots. Clamp the flat iron to your hair for about 10 seconds. Gradually move downwards and maintain a distance of about 1 inch. Clamp the flat iron again to your hair. Continue repeating the process until the ends of your hair. Do this until all of the sections have been curled. Flip your hair back and forth!

Gently run through your hair using your fingers to loosen the curls or to separate the waves.  Finish by spraying a good amount of hairspray.  It’s your time to shine! Flash them those innocent beach waves along with your bright smile!

  • Here are some points to remember during summer time:
  • Your hair needs protection too! Condition them at least twice a week and apply protecting creams or sprays depending on your hair condition.
  • The color of your hair may lighten when exposed to the sun.
  • Wash your hair after a day at the beach. Leaving them unwashed will stiffen your hair.
  • Let the flat iron cool down first before storing them away.

Be brighter than sunshine this summer by being confident with your body and by exhibiting your fun attitude! It’s all about making memories and enjoying the beauties of the world!

What Should Your Makeup Brush Set Contain?

March 14th, 2014

best make-up brushesPhoto Credit: Tim-Hoggarth

Without a doubt, makeup is a crucial part of every glam look and any Fashionista worth her salt will tell you that it gives an immense boost to her self esteem.  Those smoky smoldering eyes, crimson painted lips and the shimmery glam look can only be achieved with top notch cosmetic products and with the help of the best makeup brushes.

In today’s competitive society a woman that manages to project a great image of herself, will always make a great impression. People not only want to feel good inside, but they also want to look good outside. However, the expression: beauty only lies in the eyes of the beholder, certainly has not considered the fact that a person’s good looks can hold the balance in their favor. So, in an armory of weapons that can recreate a femme fatales come-hither look, a woman’s perfect makeup brush kit will always stand tall and proud.

A seasoned enthusiast might cling on to her favorite set of makeup brushes, but she will only settle for those that bring out the best in her. So if you are someone who breathes glamour just for the mere thrill and pleasure of it, knowing which type of makeup brush sets to select and what it should contain is a road you definitely have to take.

We all know that the best makeup brushes are MAC, Sigma, Bobbi Brown, but you can find some high quality brushes at a lower price like: Coastal Scent or Bdellium.

Basically a makeup brush is a tool with bristles used to conveniently apply makeup on the face.  The bristles can be made out of natural or synthetic materials while the handle is usually fashioned out of plastic or wood.  Makeup brushes come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and their brush tips can be angular, chiseled, straight or tapered. Depending on the area of application makeup brushes can be divided into three types: for face, eyes and lips. Let’s explore these varieties and see what your makeup brush set must absolutely contain:

Makeup brushes for the face:

1) Concealer: Like the name suggests it helps you to cover blemishes and targeted spots.

2) Blush brush: It is used to apply the blusher on the hollow of your cheeks and needs to be applied with light gentle strokes.

3) Contour/Bronzer brush: If you are trying to achieve the long chiseled look, this brush can be used to apply Bronzers on the contour of your cheeks, sides of chin and forehead. A darker color of blush can be added to accentuate the look. However, take care to keep separate contour brushes for different colors of blushes.

4) Powder brushes: For that last hitch on your makeup “tour de force” you might need to apply compact powder with a brush to attain a professional finish. The smaller brushes can help to apply powder in and around the eyes, while the bigger ones can be used on the eyes, forehead, nose and the chin.

5) Smudge brush: This is a great brush for some natural smudged effect of shadows under the eyeliners or lower rims.  When using bold and bright colors for a lipstick, this can be used to smudge lip liners to get that naturally edged look.

6) Kabuki brush: Sometimes also called the mushroom brush it has a short body and dense bristles. The brush head is often rounded and sometimes flat. Its name was derived from the traditional Japanese Kabuki dramas where actors apply the powdered rice paste on their faces.

Makeup brushes for the eyes:

1) Eye shadow brush: This brush is used to create a defined line on the crease with its tip, and also to apply color on the lids.

2) Eyebrow brush: The bald spots in the eyebrows are filled and hair directed to give a cleaner appearance to the face.

3) Pencil brush: This comes in many shapes and has soft bristles that blend out any harsh lines below the brow bone. The dark circles and bags under the eyes can be hidden by blending the concealer.

4) Bent liner brush: This brush has a bent head that glides with ease on top of lashes and is designed specifically for applying gel eyeliners.

5) Shadow blending brush: It helps to blend in the eye shadow on the lids very professionally by fading in colors onto each other. If you want to pull off that hot, smoky look, this brush is definitely a must in your makeup brush set.

6) Stiff eye shadow brush: This brush is very good for applying eye shadows as it takes in lots of color and they can be applied in such a way that the color stays longer.

Leather Fashion

March 14th, 2014

leather_jacketThere was a time when people owned only one leather outfit and kept it stowed away in a plastic case to wear once every three months when a special occasion appeared. But times have changed, and now, be it warm or cold, office parties or bachelor parties, leather has become a symbol of style and class.

Every kind of clothing you may think of is also made out of leather: jackets, skirts, pants, vests and even dresses. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t fallen for a ruggedly handsome biker with faded jeans and a black leather jacket, or a gorgeous woman in short leather skirt and halter top?

All the leading brands in the world pay a lot of attention to their leather collections. Versace, Calvin Klein, Hermes- you name it! Their collections range from simple, casual wear to conspicuous high-end party outfits. Some of their fashion shows bring clothes that would be too much of leather off the runway. But if you want to be noticed, leather’s what you need to wear.

These days, people even wear leather at work. Now this part is a bit tricky. The HR department might write you up for inappropriate conduct if you’re not a little more careful.

Never wear a full leather outfit to work. Just a black, fitting pair of pants with a normal sweater or blouse would look great and appropriate. It will make you look professional and yet stylish. Then, there are the hangouts and parties, where you just want to have a good time. You can either go all sexy and eye-catching, or stay conventional and classy. It solely depends on your choice of place and people.

Leather accessories are now just as popular as clothes. Leather bags have always been a favorite to classy ladies all around the world, but now, accessorizes like bracelets, jewellery boxes, card holders, key rings, cosmetic cases are available in leather. Even the colors are no longer traditional black and brown. All the bright and simple colors rock the leather wear. Red, blue, green, even grey which is stereotyped as an old color, can make you look cool.

Brands like Ray Ban, Oakley, Prada, Persol all have their range of leather sunglasses. Unorthodox leather accessories are currently in fashion as well as traditional. Many women wear leather cuffs and belts with normal everyday clothing.
However, no matter what type of leather you wear and adorn yourself with, always make sure that you are comfortable with. Wearing something that you don’t want to, simply for the purpose of looking cool, will definitely render opposite results. If you’re comfortable in pants rather than short skirts, find leather pants that suit your personality.

If you’d rather wear an asymmetrical leather jacket instead of a very revealing leather top, go for it. If you’re stiff and not relaxed in your leather, it will not look good on you. So ladies, go out, get yourself a bold and beautiful leathery look and see how transformed you would appear to yourself.

Special tips for improving the overall aspect of the face

March 14th, 2014

face shapeEach and every single woman has a distinct appearance, there are no two people alike in an identical manner. There are so many aspects that differentiate a face from another, we can’t even keep track of.

One of the most common characteristics that people have in common is the shape of their faces, and by shape, I mean oval, round, square, heart shaped and long. It is important to know that each shape type has a general rule on how to use makeup as an advantage.

Here are the most important rules about the shape of the face, the makeup and other important characteristics:

1. Oval shape – this type is considered to be the ideal shape. Expert makeup artists say that this is the goal that all of us must aim when applying our makeup.

This in an important aspect to take into consideration when you plan on highlighting certain areas; try not to alter essential elements that offer your face the much needed balance. In this case, the eyebrows must be slightly arched and have a medium thickness. The arching point must be in the center, right above the iris.

2. Round shape – this is the case where you have to create the impression of elongation and thinning. Creating this trick requires using two shades of foundation.

Applying the darker shade on both sides of the face will contribute to the impression of elongation. It is also indicated that the darker shade of foundation has to also be applied under the cheeks and jaw line, so that the chin will look more narrow.

The blush must be applied on the cheekbones (and slightly below them) and then you should stretch it toward the ears. For people with this type of face shape, the eyebrows should be just slightly arched following an upward line.

3. Square shape – for this type of face it is recommended to highlight the center of the forehead and chin. It is also recommended as for those that have round shape faces, to use two shades of foundation.

The darker shade should be applied to the temples and jaw line to soften the facial line. Blush should not be used in excess, because it will highlight even more, the prominent features of the face. The eyebrows must follow a horizontal line and make sure they are not too thin.

4. Heart shape – in this case, expert makeup artists recommend to narrow the forehead. This trick can be achieved by applying darker shades of foundation on the sides of the forehead and the lighter shades on the chin and sides of the mandible.

Blush should be applied throughout the entire area of the cheeks, but should also be applied under the cheek bone. It is recommended to avoid darker shades because they tend to thin the overall aspect. The eyebrows must be arched and slightly removed from the base of the nose.

5. Long shape – in general, a long face should be brought to a rounder shape. Apply the lighter shade of foundation on both sides of the face to give it luminosity, and a darker shade on the forehead – close to your hair’s roots, on the chin and jaw line, to reduce the elongated shape.

The blush should be applied on the cheek bone, horizontally, towards the ears. It is recommended to avoid dark shades to the sides of your cheeks, because it will elongate even further your face shape. Eyebrows should not be arched.

5 Steps to obtain the perfect smokey-eyes makeup

March 13th, 2014

One of the most popular and requested types of makeup that any woman wants to learn how to do it herself is the smokey-eye makeup. This type of makeup is created only with different shades of black, managing to complement any eye color and any type of outfit, and giving the woman that wears this makeup a sexy and alluring posture. It is incredible what can be obtained with just a simple makeup.

smokey eyesUnfortunately, black is not a color that complements with a day to day outfit because it tends to offer a more dramatic and intense note to the overall aspect. Next to come, is a basic 5 step guide to create a more simple and delicate technique of achieving those amazing and sexy smokey-eyes.

The bottom line is that no matter what color your eyes are, learning to create this incredible smokey-eye technique, you will never go unnoticed when you go out at night.

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Here are the 5 steps required that any woman must know:

1. Step 1

Right after you finish cleaning and preparing your skin to apply the makeup (cream, foundation, powder) it is important to prepare the skin around the eyes by applying a moisturizing cream and then, a makeup base that will prevent the final result from gathering around the eyes or slowly slipping down.

Because this makeup requires an eyelid powder that is of a darker shade and can be easily observed if it happens to slip down the cheeks, it is necessary to apply with a brush a thick layer of clear powder.

Next, you should apply the black eyelid powder on your upper eyelid. Be careful to use a special type of brush specially designed for the eyelid. Once you have finished, with a thin brush, apply a little bit of black eyelid powder on your lower eyelid and then, with your finger try and eliminate the dramatic effect.

Step 2

With a clean brush, it is now time to remove the clear powder underneath your eyes, because now, there is no risk of getting any black particles on your face.

Then, with a crayon or a thin and damp brush, apply a light cream or vanilla powder in the interior corners of the eyes in order to intensify and light up your look.

3.  Step 3

This step consists in applying one or even two layers of mascara. You can decide if you need one or two layers depending on your preferences and the length of your eyelashes. To give your eyes more expressivity and to obtain a sexier makeup, it is extremely important that you curve your eyelashes.

In case you are a more dramatic and daring person, try using a different color on your mascara. Here are a few examples:

  • Brown eyes – navy-blue or Safire blue mascara
  • Green eyes – purple or violet mascara
  • Blue eyes – shades of mahogany or walnut mascara

4. Step 4

For even more drama, feel free to use fake eyelashes.

5. Step 5

You should take a final look at the overall result and clean any traces you might have accidentally left. An important piece of advice is that you must never go to bed without fully removing the makeup with a cleaning solution that is perfect for your skin tone.

This is the quickest and basic method of obtaining those gorgeous smokey-eyes.  Enjoy!

Photo Credit: pumpkincat210 cc

How to dry your hair using a hair dryer

February 12th, 2014

dry hairToday’s constant agitation, lack of personal time and efforts of keeping up with your workload and the endless last minute work tasks, has made women all over the world try and come up with fast and easy solutions to keep their hair fresh, clean and perfectly arranged.

The modern woman must always look as if she is fresh out of the box. This is why it appears that the traditional technique where we dried our hair with a towel and then ran to work is not that efficient anymore.

Then, how about using a hair dryer? Although many professional hairdressers tend to advise the air drying method because they swear the blow drying technique will eventually end up ruining your hair, there are a few carefully chosen techniques that will make your hair remain fresh, full and without any excess damage.

You must take into consideration that the correct blow-drying technique is extremely gentle and will cause no damage to your hair. What needs to be added to the correct technique is the right type of hair dryer. I bet you didn’t know that, right? A good hair dryer is the one on which you can adjust the temperature (at least high, low and medium if not in specific degrees) and also the air stream.

These options are required because if you blow-dry your hair for too long using the wrong temperature, it will damage its structure.
Here are 7 steps that will help improve your techniques for perfectly drying your hair with a hair dryer and not damaging it.

Evening Makeup

January 7th, 2014

It is common knowledge that the evening makeup causes tremendous discomfort to many of us women because we never know exactly what colors compliment the dress or if we managed to apply the product correctly.

Recently, a development in woman’s attitude has evolved, and many of them have started contacting makeup artists to take care of their evening makeup no matter what the event is about.

In case you cannot afford to hire a makeup artist, here are a few steps one should follow in order to obtain the perfect result:

1.    Keep in mind that just a touch of mascara and a shade of lip gloss doesn’t mean you are wearing makeup and you should go to an event.

2.     You have to apply a base cream so that your skin complexion doesn’t start shining in the middle of the party. It can be a special makeup cream or simply just a cream that suits your skins necessities. After this, it is a must that you use a foundation that is appropriate for your skin tone.

Try this foundation from L’oreal. You can buy it from Amazon.

3.    Although many say that they don’t have dark-circles around their eyes, the fact of the matter is, they exist so you must always use a concealer to light the area around your eyes. It must be applied over the foundation. You will see the difference.

4.    In order to fix your makeup in place and avoid having to re-do it throughout the night, you must use a loose powder. It will help prevent the oil in your face to come out and it will also help you look good in photos.

5.    Next, the actual makeup has to be created by each woman’s desire. If you wish to wear a red or fuchsia lipstick it is advised to choose a simple makeup for your eyes: black eyeliner, and create those incredible smoky eyes effect. If done correctly, it will give you an elegant aspect.

6.    Another important aspect of a successful makeup is that there must not be any clear lines between the colors (we are not referring to the eyeliner). The colors must be mixed in such a way that it cannot be seen where one stops and the other begins. Matte colors create gorgeous shadows and the sparkling ones are used to create a great effect.

7.    The eyebrows should be shaped, but not intensively. All you have to do is correct any obvious “holes” that you may have in your eyebrows. This will create a neat aspect of your entire face.

8.    It is a good idea to use a lip-liner to cover the entire surface of your lips and then cover it with lipstick or lip-gloss. It will last longer.

7 Natural Ingredients that will protect you from wrinkles

December 29th, 2013

Let’s face it, after a certain age; those nasty wrinkles become our worst enemy. They are cruel and never miss out a single person, no matter the social status or skin type. The only thing we can control when it comes to wrinkles is the moment when they appear.

If you would like to postpone as much as possible the moment you see your first wrinkle, now it’s the moment to take control and do something. And if you think that doing something means spending high amounts of money on treatments, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Here are 7 low-cost natural ingredients that will help you postpone the appearance of wrinkles:

1.    Vitamin C – Studies have shown that vitamin C increases the collagen production in the body. This is why you should squeeze a little bit of orange or pineapple juice and apply it on your face (after you have cleaned it). These fruits are full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

skin honet2.    Pure honey – this product is extremely rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, A, C, D and K, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium; all these make honey perfect for calming down and it also may be used as an antioxidant. Using honey will make your skin more elastic and bright, thus postponing the appearance of the nasty wrinkles.

3.    Grape seed oil – it helps protect the skin and also has many regenerative properties, thus making it perfect for mature and deteriorated skin. It recreates the elasticity of the skin and most important, it is a non fat oil (doesn’t stain)

4.    Sea buckthorn oil – it has a powerful antioxidant effect and the great thing about it is that it gives the skin a tone that resembles a natural tan. It will help your skin complexion by making it be more healthy and fresh.

5.    Corn – so that you can prevent for a while the appearance of wrinkles, you must use some exfoliation procedures. Using corn will help you clean your skin, eliminate dead cells and allow the new ones to regenerate. Combined with honey will create the perfect exfoliating cream that can be found on the market.

6.    Avocado – the ripe fruit must be mashed with a fork until you get a paste. You have to cover your entire face with the finished result for about 15-20 minutes, after which you should wash it with warm water. Your skin will look extremely healthy and will glow brightly.

I found this interesting article regarding the benefits of avocado on your skin. Take a look it’s amazing.

7.    Coconut oil – it is used for hydration and it is commonly used for the mature and dry skin complexion. It can be applied directly on the skin or combined with other products.